Undercity Wonders II

Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Gregor the Black
A few seasons ago, a weakened and diseased Gregor stumbled upon the blessings of Nurgle. He created the Undercity Wonders out of recruits he had discovered in the mouldy crypts of Middenheim. The team had since disbanded,

He now sought out some of these same players - searching for the satisfaction he had felt coaching this team. They were long gone. He stumbled through the darkness, managing to find rot-ridden rookies to fill his needs.

Nurgle had blessed him once again. This time, he would not take defeat as an answer.

Undercity Wonders II team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 13th, 2020 - old news
Wonders Gain Momentum, Tie Elves
The Undercity Wonders showed up to a record crowd on Monday night, and played a great game to appease them against the rookie Dancing Dragons (Elf) squad.

The Wonders got the ball to start the first half and pushed as far as they could. The elves were able to pop the ball out early, and the Nurgle worshippers were unable to get the ball cleanly away after that. No one scored.

It was a violent half, however. Four elves were knocked out and a couple were injured. One elf Catcher, Noron Skullrunner, was thrown over the sidelines and got stomped on by the frenzied crowd. He did not return for the game, but will likely be back next week.

The second half started very well for the Wonders. Elf Thrower, Torethien, failed to pick up the ball after the kickoff. The defense was able to rush past the line early to put pressure on the ball. Failure to move the ball meant that the Wonders were able to surround the offense and force them to move the ball in a series of risky plays.

Elf Blitzer Malith Darksurge threw the ball downfield in an attempt to speed past the defense. However, the gloried Bolgorath killed a lineman and was able to break free to run down and wrap-up the speeding Blitzer to prevent the score.

The game ended a 0-0 tie - which feels like a victory for a new squad against the always agile Elf Union. A few players cited some newfound strength after the game. Bloater Garavile in particular said he felt the gifts of Nuffle and Nurgle had found him.

Next the Undercity Wonders face a heavily damaged Simyin squad (“Monkey'N Around”). We hope they can keep the momentum going.

- Glotten Rotpen, Wonder beat reporter, Underworld Weekly
- Gregor the Black
Mar. 5th, 2020 - old news
Undercity Wonders Revived
Gregor is back with an updated rendition of the failed Undercity Wonders. This time, the team is led by the bulky Greater Daemon of Nurgle, Bolgorath the Unclean. The hulking mass of rot was merely a whispered myth prior to the games this week. Few who had seen him in the sewers and catacombs of Middenheim had remained anything resembling human enough to say anything about it.

The season looks to be an exciting one. Many new teams for the 2520 season, including a "mouthy" and trash-talking Undead crew ("Apocalyptic Corpse Creators"), a rabid Goblin team ("Kibble Gibble'z Gitz"), as well as an oddball Simyin squad ("Monkey'N Around"). The lack of experience should play into the Wonders' hands.

Their first match is against The Dancing Dragons - a unified Elf squad that has never played together before. Hopefully the beasts that Gregor has rostered can inflict some damage before the inevitable agility of the Elves creates some quick scores.

We shall see how it goes from here.

- Glotten Rotpen, Wonder beat reporter, Underworld Weekly
- Gregor the Black
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