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9. Feb. 2020 - 17:56  
Hey guys here's the link for the FB event!
Maxximus NAF tournament in Winnipeg!
Hope to see you there!
- Riley Lieth Pichlyk  send email to Riley Lieth Pichlyk 
28. Jan. 2020 - 05:15  
Hey guys,
Working on a NAF event in the middle of Maxximus! Winnipeg March 21. Whole weekend of gaming and events! More to come this week! Check maxximus on fb
- Riley Pichlyk  
4. Aug. 2019 - 18:26  
Hey guys!
A few things,
a Bloodbowl tournament is starting to brew in Winnipeg, I would like to know if any of your members would be interested in coming out East for it?
Also on a personal note, do you guys know of anywhere in SK that is selling Bloodbowl card sleeves, card packs, and dice?

- Riley Pichlyk  send email to Riley Pichlyk 
23. May 2019 - 00:58  
Hello! Visiting Regina for the first time. I’m downtown for a few nights and wanted to say hello! The owner of Comic Readers downtown sent me your way. Hope to see some of you make it to the Thunderbowl Club’s Spike Cup major NAF event on June 1-2 in Vancouver BC!
- JP “NerdFrog” LeBerg  send email to JP “NerdFrog” LeBerg 
23. Mar. 2018 - 11:34  
I came to see to be able to create my own league. Thank you for your experience :-)
- geoffrey  send email to geoffrey 
19. Mar. 2018 - 03:24  
Hey I am coming to town to work for over a month. Looking for a few games. Where are you guys playing out of?
- Riley Pichlyk  send email to Riley Pichlyk 
15. Mar. 2018 - 20:49  
You guys ever host tournaments? I am playing in the SNBBL in Winnipeg and always keen to get some tournament play in. I see that Lair has commented here. I met him in Vegas at the LVO. I am planning on attending the POW Town (NAF accredited) tourney in Calgary in June.
- George  send email to George 
4. Mar. 2016 - 11:35  

I arrive here from TFF, I liked the idea of Wanted players, so I will steal it for my league back in Spain!!
- Sainthropee  send email to Sainthropee 
20. June 2014 - 01:26  
Hi Guys,

I am looking to get into email contact with your commissioner. I am a player in Calgary, whom would like to get some regional cross club stuff going.
- lair  send email to lair 
2. Apr. 2014 - 23:09  
Hey guys I love the website! Really hoping my current league gets as involved as you guys have!
- The Hellblasters  send email to The Hellblasters 
13. Feb. 2014 - 21:23  
Hey -great job on the website!!!
- a sneaky git  

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