Welcome to the Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League!

The RFBBL is a group of game enthusiasts who reside in or around Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We have a casual open format and play is meant for beer and fun.

We hope you enjoy your visit - feel free to drop by our
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and let us know your thoughts.

We have just finished our seventh running season (ie calendar year). Season VII was an overwhelming success with the Khemri Team - Bad Mother Bashers taking the trophy for a second consecutive season! Congrats to The Ancient One for your outstanding performance!

Season VIII registration will open in mid February and we will be using a mix of the CPR and BB16 edition rules.

If you are wondering about our logo - it was created by the talented Sam Mercer. For all of our visitor's, Regina is known as the Queen City so we needed a bit of heraldry in there... And this site is mostly the brains of Casper Hansen at the Aross BB League.

Finally - we have managed to capture a few games on youtube. Feel free to watch our time lapsed matches here:
link here.

Da Big Green 'Un
~ commissioner

The above image was custom designed for Berta'z 'Ballet' Beyb'z by Unique Litani. You can see his other work at this link here.

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Mar. 7th, 2020 - old news
Random please.. none of this pick 3 roll-off nonsense. Thanks!
- Da Big Green ŽUn
Feb. 20th, 2020 - old news
Can The Ancient One be stopped?
Congratulations to The Ancient One and his team, The Fellowship of Pain for rising to the top of the 2520 Cripple Cup.

The Ancient One has now won two Flatland Cup titles and one Cripple Cup Championship.

Can this undead ancessor of the Old World be stopped? It obviously isn't the blue dice.

So we must issue a new ultimatum. Any dice The Ancient One brings to a match of Blood Bowl are explicitly banned and forbidden. They must use block dice which only have "Attacker Down" results. They must use d6's which only have 1's.

Da Big Green 'Un has spoken. Payments for this new law can be made in person.

On another note I am just waiting for one last straggler to verify participation for the 2520 season. The schedule should hopefully be out soon.
- Da Big Green ŽUn
Jan. 24th, 2020 - old news
Round 2 - Elimination
Hey Coaches,

The 2nd round pairings are now in the system.

A few reminders as follows:

1) No Journeymen
2) The team with the lower TV gets 1 special play card worth the max value possible
3) You lose you are out.
4) If the match goes to OT flip a coin. Winner of the toss gets to choose to receive or kick. The kicking team gets a Blitz result on the kick off chart. Sudden Death Overtime - 1st goal wins. If the match goes into the 2nd half of overtime the receiving team now kicks and the kick off chart is rolled as normal.

The mayhem shall continue!! Best of luck!
- Da Big Green ŽUn
Jan. 23rd, 2020 - old news
Yes Another Ultimatum - yawn..
The Dancing Dragons and the New Orc Greenskins have been given a new ultimatum.

They have until tonight to complete their game.

If not, one of the players on each team will receive a "special" midnight visitor from a special guest. The special guests have been given specific instructions. Each day a new team member will be given a visit.

You don't want to know the instructions folks. Even the hardiest Blood Bowl fan will cringe at the thought.

Have a great day! I am brimming with anticipation to be honest.. Yeehaw!
- Da Big Green ŽUn
Jan. 20th, 2020 - old news
Banned - No exceptions
By order of Da Big Green 'Un there shall be no blue d6's used in the 2520 Blood Bowl Season.

Anyone caught using a blue d6 will be expelled and fined under charter 2267.37.2a of the Nuffle appendix.

This applies to any blue d6. Opaque, Translucent, Marbled blue, light blue, medium blue, navy blue, sky blue, dark blue, green blue, red blue, white blue.

JUST NO BLUE D6's. They are unnatural and evil.
- Da Big Green ŽUn

2519 Flatland Cup Champions
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